This page is for the wife who says...

"I want my husband to be
more affectionate, intimate,
and sexual with me!"

Dear Wife,

I understand that the subject I'm opening here is personal  ... and it may feel a bit uncomfortable talking about it ... but if you want a happier, more satisfying marriage, hang with me for a moment.

First, let's make sure we are on the same page...

  • Do you wish you could get your husband to WANT to show more affection towards you?

  • Does your husband seem to have little to no desire in being intimate with you?  Would like to enjoy love-filled intimacy with your husband much more frequently?

  • Does your husband often avoid being sexual with you?  Would you like to have your husband regularly want exciting, passionate, satisfying sex with you?

  • Are you in a marriage where you simply do not get enough "loving"...where the frequency and the quality just isn't enough to satisfy you?

  • Are you tired of feeling the pain of rejection ... of being rejected most every time you try to initiate closeness?

  • Are you tired of feeling unwanted and unneeded?

  • Are you tired of feeling like something is wrong with you ... like you are somehow "broken"?

  • Are you tired of being belittled, criticized, shamed and embarrassed over your intimate wants and needs?

If so, then you are absolutely at the right place and this is worthy of your attention.

Now, just so you know who I am and what I'm about, permit me to introduce myself. My name is Calle Zorro. I am a husband who has been studying and researching what it takes to create a happy, affectionate, intimate, and sexual marriage relationship for 18+ years. My business ... my purpose in life ... my ministry ... is helping men and women create the kind of marriage relationship they want.

And, what I am about to share with you is extra special because I have teamed up with a friend and colleague named Richard Jungst, a husband who is just as passionate about helping men and women enjoy a happier, more satisfying marriage relationship as I am.

Here's why this should be of interest to you ... Richard and I have created two BRAND-NEW resources with which YOU can change the nature, the interactions, and the dynamics of your marriage relationship into something that is much, much more satisfying to you as a wife.

What are these two resources Richard and I have created for you? They are:

  1.  A digital book (AKA an eBook which can be read on your computer or printed out)

  2. A private, online forum

The digital book reveals the secret, hidden reasons why your husband doesn't want to be as intimate with you as you would like for him to be.

However, just giving you this little-known information may or may not be quite enough to make the transformation in your marriage that you want...

That's why we created the online forum ... so you can get all the personalized help you want and need ... so that you get all the help, insight, information, advice, guidance, and support you need to HAVE THE MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP YOU WANT WITH YOUR HUSBAND!

Now, let's take a closer look at both of these resources...

What's Inside The Digital Book?

Inside the first resource ... the digital book ... you will discover powerful answers to important questions. For example:

  • Procreation is important. Companionship is important. But there's something deeper than all of that. Do you know what the core desire within men and women is that underlies the desire for sex? Those who know and understand this desire are able to attract, influence, and inspire intimacy at a level others cannot.

  • Everybody knows that men like sex ... and want sex all the time ... and think about sex all the time ... except for a few guys ... and maybe you are married to one of them ... who seem to have very little desire for sex with their wife. Why is this?  What's going on? Is it really true that they have very little desire for sex? Well actually, they DO desire sex and intimacy ... that natural desire for intimacy and sex is still buried inside of them. The problem is, there's a block. You need to understand what it is and how to remove it if a close relationship is important to you.

  • What is the secret to being sexually attractive to your husband? What is it that will fire up his desire for intimacy and sex? And, what do you need to avoid that will squelch or even kill his desire for intimacy with you?

  • A common mistake some women make that causes their husband to avoid being caught in the bedroom with them. I'm wondering, do you make this mistake?

  • What causes a husband to shut out his wife and resist sharing intimacy with her? You better know the answer to this if you wish to have a loving, close, warm, affectionate, and intimate marriage relationship.

  • What kind of friend should you be to your husband? Some women get this completely wrong and push their husband away from them.

  • Yes, a man wants to feel the emotions of love in sex. Yes, a man wants to feel the pleasure of physical release that comes with sex. But, there is something else he wants that's even more important to him ... something that many women apparently don't know about. What is this something else that your husband wants to feel when having sex with you? Well, it's something that's so important to him that if you are not giving your husband this feeling, then he will likely begin to avoid sex with you ... and he may even seek out another woman to share his sexuality with.

  • The story of one woman and what she said and did in social settings that caused her husband to totally withdraw from her sexually. Unfortunately, she didn't understand what she was doing wrong and soon enough, he divorced her and found another woman to share his life with ... and she still doesn't understand what she did that drove him away. If you care about your relationship with your husband, you definitely want to avoid the mistake this woman made.

  • The story of another woman and what she said and did in social settings that caused her husband to withdraw from her intimately and sexually. And now, she can't understand why her husband has shut her off and shut her out. If intimacy is important to you, then you'll want to learn from this woman's mistake so you can avoid ending up in her situation.

  • Do you know why your husband sometimes has a major negative response to you -- especially when you haven't even said or done anything "bad"? If you've ever said some little something that didn't mean anything to you and you encountered a huge blow-up from your husband, then you need to know the answer to this.

  • Would you like to know why your husband sometimes says mean, hurtful, or even cruel things to you? Even better, would you like to know the secret of how to take something mean that your husband says to you and flip it around into massive, massive attraction in him towards you? Now that would be a turnaround, wouldn't it?

  • What is a "sexy woman"? What makes a woman "sexy" such that she is attractive to her man? Well, if you think it's a perfectly sculpted woman, wearing an outrageously-priced outfit that is outrageously-revealing, then you are WRONG! Even worse, if you're trying to be like this kind of woman, you are headed for big trouble.

  • How is it that some women can have a guy tripping all over himself trying to get her in bed with him while others can't even raise enough interest in their husband to get him off the couch or out of his office?

  • Should a wife be "easy to get" for her husband? Or, should she play "hard to get"? Well actually, if you are either one of these, you will FAIL with your husband. If this is a surprise to you, then this section of the book is going to be super important to you.

  • What should you do if your husband won't respond to your wants and needs? It's clear that nagging, griping, arguing, and fighting doesn't work. So, how do you get some action going with your husband? How do you get things moving forward in a good way?

  • What causes a marriage relationship to deteriorate into nothing more than a "boarding arrangement"? Well, there are actually four causes and once you understand what they are, you can easily fix them or avoid them so that you end up with a far more satisfying marriage relationship instead of just a roommate.

  • What is "love"? How "do" you "love"? What is "caring"? How "do" you "care"? These are words that describe what everybody wants but yet so few people can actually define these words in a way that is actionable for them. If your understanding of these words is fuzzy and ambiguous, then it's going to be hard for you to act loving and caring. But, once you understand and implement what we reveal in this book about these words, it will take your relationship to a whole new dimension.

  • What is the big secret to creating a harmonious marriage? If every married person knew just this one thing about marriage, divorce rates would plummet dramatically. Well, it's unlikely that everybody will ever know this secret but you can.

  • How can you as a wife capture your husband's interest, attention, and desire over every other woman that he knows of? You'll know the answer to that question when you read the "Ugly Girl" story.

Guess what? There's so much more that I haven't even mentioned ... ideas for seducing your husband, what to do to get your husband to be romantic towards you, and plenty of other "goodies" for you that can positively impact your relationship with your husband.

But, let's move on and talk about the second resource ...

What's The Forum About?

With regard to the forum:

  • The forum is online which means you can access it from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night as long as you have an Internet connection.

  •  I will be in the forum most every day answering questions, providing advice, giving guidance, and sharing additional information that will help you create the relationship with your husband that you really want.

  • My collaborating partner Richard will also be in the forum most every day helping and supporting you right alongside of me.

  • And there is more ... there will also be two other colleagues in the forum on a regular basis to help and support you alongside of Richard and me. These are professional men that Richard and I trust fully and completely.

  • So, what you have is four men, four husbands, four dads -- in a private but completely professional and appropriate setting -- who you can turn to for help, support, perspective, and information in understanding and FIXING your husband and your marriage relationship. 

  • In other words, you have four very real men dedicated to helping you fix your relationship with your husband.

  • It is completely private and secure. Nobody can get in to this forum unless we let them in and we aren't letting anyone in except women like yourself who get these two resources -- the book and the forum.

  • It's safe.  You can say anything you want, you can ask any kind of question you want, and nobody will ever see it except for us four men and other women who are on the same journey you are on.

  • To get into the forum, you will need a username and a password ... both of which YOU specify ... which means you can give yourself an anonymous username and have yet another level of privacy and security. Once you give us your username and password, we will activate your forum access (based on your email address that is NOT known or seen by anybody else). You are then ready to get all the personalized, customized help, support, advice, guidance, and insight you want.

  • Once you are in, you are a lifetime member of this forum. That means you can get help today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, the year after that, and for as long as you want. This means you have a ready resource you can turn to for help WHENEVER it is that you need help in your relationship -- and it will never cost you anything extra.

So, a digital book ... with powerful answers to important questions you have undoubtedly struggled with in trying to understand what the problem is in your marriage relationship and why your husband acts and behaves towards you in the manner that he does.

And, a private, online forum ... where you can get help for the specific situations that you are dealing with ... a place where you can come with questions and leave with solutions ... a place where you can come discouraged and leave encouraged ... a place where me, Richard, our two colleagues and other likeminded women are there for you.

If you want to create a relationship with your husband that is loving, affectionate, and intimate, these two resources are everything you need. With these two resources, you have the information, insight, and understanding you need ... and you have the help and support you need.

This IS Guaranteed!

Please understand that these resources -- the digital book and the private forum -- are for you IF you really want help in creating a happier, more affectionate, more intimate marriage relationship with her husband.

If you are serious about receiving help then we are serious about giving you help. If you want help, then we are committed to giving you help that really helps you.

And, we guarantee our commitment to giving you help that really helps you. Here is our guarantee:

If after you have read through the digital book...

And if after you have asked questions of us and sought our help in the private online forum...

If after both of these you are not completely happy and satisfied with what you've received from us, then all you have to do is call or email us and we will promptly refund the full amount that you paid us.

We will not hassle you. We will not pressure you. We will not try to cross-sell you. We will not do any of those things. We will simply refund your money in a friendly and courteous way and wish you the best.

And for your peace of mind, here is my contact information right up front:

(918) 814-3480

Feel free to call or email just to verify that I answer my phone and email.

But, you have to have read the digital book and participated in the private forum before you are eligible for a refund. There is no refund if you have not read the book AND participated in the private forum.

We are guaranteeing our commitment to giving you the help that really helps you and that means you must use these resources in order to get the help.

But, if after you have used these resources and we have not really helped you, then you deserve a full refund and we will promptly give you one.

Conversely, if you have not used the resources, then you haven't given us the chance to really help you and that does not merit a refund.

OK, here's a recap of what you get:

  • Digital book (eBook)
  • Online forum help and support
  • Lifetime access to the forum
  • Benefit from the expertise, experience, and insight of four men -- 4 men devoted to helping you

What Does This Cost?

Probably, you know that if you were to seek the help of a marriage counselor, you would easily pay $85 to $150 per one hour visit. Who knows how many visits you would need in order to bring about the changes in your marriage that you want -- IF you could even get you husband to go and participate in the first place.

But, you have a briefly-available opportunity where you can get everything I've described above for less than the cost of a single marriage counselor visit...

Since this is a brand-new product and there isn't much content in the forum ... YET ... you can get both the digital book and lifetime access to the forum for a...

Charter Price Of Just
$50 USD

As the forum fills up with valuable and meaningful content, as testimonials come in from women who have transformed their marriage, the price will go up dramatically to match the value that me and my colleagues are providing in these two resources.

So truly, this is your ground-floor opportunity to get these two resources -- resources that will help and support you in a way that transforms the relationship you share with your husband for the rest of your life -- at a price that only "lucky" people usually get.

Order With Peace Of Mind And Confidence...

Now, if you have any questions ... or if you have any reservations ... even if you just want to make sure that I'm a real person and that this is a real offer of help ... pick up your phone and call me directly at:

(918) 814-3480

When you call, I'll be happy to take a few minutes to let you tell me about your situation, answer any questions, or address any concerns or reservations you have. (Note: calls are taken between 8 am and 6 pm Central time.)

Or, you can use our chat system to ask questions:

If you do NOT have any questions or reservations, then that means you are ready to get this...

Charter Price

One-Time Payment of $50

Note #1: After you complete your order, the Shopping Cart will give you an immediate secured download link and send you an email to your secured download link so you can access the eBooks immediately. Also, the eBooks are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Note #2: It's recommended that you use a private email address when you place your order ... one that only you have access to ... as our system will send you an email with a secured download link for the digital book (eBook). But, outside of your email, this is TOTALLY DISCRETE. We will NOT mail anything to you physically. We will NOT call you.

Note #3: Your credit card statement will show "Zorro (918) 814-3480". It will NOT reveal anything about this website or what you bought.

Note #4: If you aren't ready for your husband to know about this yet, and he goes through the credit card statement with a fine-tooth comb, we recommend purchasing a Visa or Mastercard gift card from any major retailer or drug store and using that instead of your regular credit card.

Richard and I are committed to helping you have the kind of marriage you want.  This is a genuine, sincere offer of help.  We are reaching out to you ... it's up to you to let us help you. 

If you will step forward with us right now in good faith, then I dare say the day will soon come when you look back and feel immensely grateful for the positive changes that have happened in your life all because you decided to get this today ... and a little bit frightened at what your life would be like if you hadn't of gotten it.

Click the "Add To Cart" button.  You'll be happy you did.  Positive results are guaranteed in your relationship with your husband or you get every penney of your money back.  Click the button...

Charter Price

One-Time Payment of $50


Calle Zorro

PS: This is about you getting the kind of help that REALLY helps you have the kind of relationship with your husband that you want ... a relationship that's filled with warmth, closeness, and intimacy.  You get the digital book, private online forum support, lifetime access to the forum, and 4 men devoted to helping you.  And for just a few days, you have the chance to get all of this for the charter price of just $50.  Last of all, you can get this with complete peace of mind because positive results are guaranteed.

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